This time… It’s majorly been a while!

This time it has been one major long break from this. However, recently I have felt that this could be a good break and past time for me to get back into. So I have decided to start afresh and begin this blog again.

Within the last two year, I have managed to graduate from my teaching degree (I’m shocked I survived quite frankly) and I am now currently teaching in the Canary Islands. Also, my obsession for watermelon has grown stronger and stronger! 🙂 Not only was this a big move because I was changing countries but I never realised how much a four year degree can not prepare you for a real life teaching job in Spain. It was a matter of ‘Hold your breath and dive in!’

Although most days are very hard work and sometimes it’s a matter of holding back the tears, and sometimes the little ones, I have found that living over here is a world away from home. It is more relaxed, there is more freedom and well the sun helps a lot. However, the attitude of the Spanish is something incomparable to the Irish and some times there is that longing for an Irish ‘What’s the craic?’ Thankfully I have my good companion who has accompanied on this rocky journey and who knows where our next adventure will take us. Onwards and upwards so they say!



One thought on “This time… It’s majorly been a while!

  1. Gracefully Global says:

    I understand you! Being an ex-pat isn’t so easy, but sometimes it is just a matter of accepting all the pleasures of the little things every day. I’m working on that…seems like you are too. 🙂

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