To blog or not to blog.

I always like the idea of sitting down to write a post on this blog, but everytime I go to start… I don’t know where to start. It’s not that I don’t have any thoughts, but the real problem is, I have too many thoughts.

Currently the future is my top thought. By the future I don’t mean years and years away, I mean next month or even next week!! I’m always living my life in the future and considering what will happen next. I can not seem to settle and I always consider the next adventure to be planned.

When I consider this time last year, I would never have thought I would be living in the Canary Islands, attempting to teach crazy Spanish four years old. Who knows where I could end up next year or the years after that.

The thing that makes my mind boggle most is that I will not know until these things happen and I can’t really do anything about that. These things are unknown for a reasons and it is up to me to take things step by step and make these big decisions. Perhaps the best years of my life are still to come!! My thoughts will continue and hopefully they’ll lead me in the right direction.