Home is where the heart is!

The past week I have been home for a short break, which certainly wasn’t long enough. Running from one side of Ireland to the other side of the island, I barely had time to rest my head on my pillow. If I’m honest though, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I wanted to make sure I saw as many of my friends and family as possible as its funny, as a lot can change in three months. My little cousin was the most surprising change. He turns two in September, and when I left him he could barely speak. Now you couldn’t stop him talking and has a fascination with bins. Lol

The stress and worries that I had in Spain, disappeared as soon as I touched my feet on Irish soil and I felt at ease. I was so busy I didn’t have time to think of the worries and thoughts of work and the future. As much as I am excited to get back to the sun, sea and the Spanish lifestyle, I have started to worry about the future and where I want to be next year. As Easter ends and summer approaches, I feel I need to sit down and gather my thoughts on where I see myself next year.

The pros and cons need to be organised and my thoughts need to be mind mapped. I hope this mind can focus for a while and help a girl out.


This time… It’s majorly been a while!

This time it has been one major long break from this. However, recently I have felt that this could be a good break and past time for me to get back into. So I have decided to start afresh and begin this blog again.

Within the last two year, I have managed to graduate from my teaching degree (I’m shocked I survived quite frankly) and I am now currently teaching in the Canary Islands. Also, my obsession for watermelon has grown stronger and stronger! 🙂 Not only was this a big move because I was changing countries but I never realised how much a four year degree can not prepare you for a real life teaching job in Spain. It was a matter of ‘Hold your breath and dive in!’

Although most days are very hard work and sometimes it’s a matter of holding back the tears, and sometimes the little ones, I have found that living over here is a world away from home. It is more relaxed, there is more freedom and well the sun helps a lot. However, the attitude of the Spanish is something incomparable to the Irish and some times there is that longing for an Irish ‘What’s the craic?’ Thankfully I have my good companion who has accompanied on this rocky journey and who knows where our next adventure will take us. Onwards and upwards so they say!